Let’s Talk Tech: Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances

September 3, 2013


Who said a toaster needs to be a rectangular box? This ingenious super-flexible Halo toaster is a sheet of heating element that blankets the bread and makes crisp toast. When you’re done toasting, you can fold it into half or roll it into a wrap and stow it away. Cool concept!


This Cutting Scale by Jim Termeer might look just like a standard cutting board, but it actually has an integrated scale within a defined area on its surface. So the next time you’re chopping onions for a recipe, you can cut and measure the ingredients on the same surface with very little extra effort. With the growing trend around “food science”, this seems like the perfect product to lead to more precise recipes and better tasting food.


Although we love living in the city, it also means a real lack of space – especially in the kitchen! This Mobile Induction Heat Plate from Electorlux is the perfect fit for those uber-small apartments and lofts where you can cook up a quick dinner and control the heat level and time with your cell phone.


The CoolVox by Whirlpool truly defines a party in the kitchen. This Bluetooth-enabled technology lets you blast your favorite tunes, without taking up any more space in your kitchen.


And finally, no more hassling with dirty brooms and mops – the iRobot Scooba does it for you! This handy little device cleans your floors without putting dirty water back onto your floors, unlike traditional mops. The squeegee-vacuum efficiently removes up to 98 percent of common household bacteria. Less housework? We’re sold.