Zephyr Designer Launches Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools

March 25, 2013

Have you ever been cooking while trying to read a recipe from your iPad and the next you thing you know you’ve missed a step in the recipe and splattered sauce all over the screen?

Robert Brunner, the designer behind Zephyr’s Arc Collection, has collaborated with Williams-Sonma to launch a new line of tech-driven Smart Tools, such as this sleek iPad Kitchen Stand with speakers. This is the ideal product for consumers who are already adopting iPad technology for culinary inspiration – it holds the iPad upright, reads the recipe aloud, includes a protective screen and is a great modern addition to your kitchen counter.


“If you are waiting for that Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator full of Apps designed to keep your food fresh and your kitchen organized to call your kitchen “smart,” you might be waiting a long time,” says Robert Brunner, Zephyr designer and Ammunition Group founder. “Williams-Sonoma understands that the real kitchen of the future isn’t going to be reinvented by industrial designers and engineers, but rather by every day home chefs, who are organically introducing smart technologies into processes they already know and understand. Efficiently integrating an iPad or other tablet device into the kitchen, as we have, is a much more efficient way to build a smart kitchen, versus creating an entirely new set of kitchen appliances.”

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