April 21, 2021

Design Inspiration | Pisa Under-Cabinet Range Hood

The Pisa Under-Cabinet range hood is a minimalist’s dream. Tucked neatly out of sight within your cabinetry, Pisa’s low-profile body delivers stunning design and quality performance. The discreet hood features a retractable visor that extends when in-use to capture the steam and odor while cooking. And when the meal is complete, the visor retracts back underneath the cabinets and a slim stainless-steel strip is all that is visible.

The Pisa was recently praised in The New York Times for its subtle, unobtrusive design:

“Oftentimes, the inclination is to have some beautiful sculptural element over the cooktop. But we usually try to hide them instead.”

— Melissa Baker, co-founder with Jon Handley of New York-based architecture firm Pulltab

According to the article, one of Pulltab’s favorite approaches is to install a slide-out hood, such as the Pisa, that is mostly concealed in a cabinet above the range, with a retractable shield that extends while you’re cooking.

For smaller-sized kitchens where space is at a premium, compact design is essential. The low-profile Pisa is a smart alternative to your typical under-cabinet range hood. The hood’s retractable visor helps capture air when cooking and tucks neatly out of sight within cabinetry after use.

The Pisa is powered by the strength of a 500-CFM or 290-CFM and features LumiLight LED Lighting, Aluminum Mesh Filters, and Mechanical Slide Controls. Available in stainless steel and white, Pisa is designed with discretion in mind and is the ultimate smart solution for minimal kitchen designs.

For more information on the Pisa Under-Cabinet range hood, visit our Pisa Under-Cabinet product page.