October 22, 2018

Zephyr Designer Retreat 2018

And that’s a wrap on our 2018 Retreat! We had a blast hosting 12 incredible designers, bloggers, and influencers from across the country in SF and Napa. We could go on and on about how amazing this group was and how inspired we were during this trip, but we’ll let you see for yourselves!





If you’re on Instagram, we highly recommend you follow these ladies!

Anissa Zajac – Instagram: @housesevendesign / www.housesevendesign.com

Caitlin Flemming – Instagram: @caitlinflemming / www.sacramentostreet.com

Jana Bek – Instagram: @janabekdesign / www.janabek.com

Kate Lester – Instagram: @klinteriors / www.katelesterinteriors.com

Kirsten Grove – Instagram: @simplygrove /www.simplygrove.com

Lauren Bradshaw – Instagram: @laurenabradshaw / www.laurenbradshawdesign.com

Natalie Myers – Instagram: @nataliemyers / www.veneerdesigns.com

Nicole White – Instagram: @livelaughdecorate / www.nwdinteriors.com

Sarah Gibson – Instagram: @roomfortuesday / www.roomfortuesday.com

Sarah Sherman Samuel – Instagram: @sarahshermansamuel/ www.sarahshermansamuel.com

Sarah Stewart – Instagram: @lifeonvirginiastreet /www.lifeonvirginiastreet.com

Vanessa Francis – Instagram: @decorhappy /www.vanessafrancis.com

*Nikki Ritcher Photography