June 22, 2020

Zephyr Expands Wine & Beverage Cooler Collection with Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler

Zephyr, the company that has transformed the kitchen through design, discovery, and care, expands its Presrv™ Wine & Beverage Cooler collection with the introduction of the Presrv Outdoor Beverage Cooler.   

From elaborate outdoor kitchens to intimate patios, the 24-inch Presrv Outdoor Beverage Cooler transforms any size space to an outdoor entertaining center. A Full-Extension Wire Rack can hold wine bottles, craft beers, prepped veggies for the grill, and fruit garnishes for drinks. The extra-large interior of this beverage fridge features two adjustable glass shelves and can accommodate up to 136 12oz cans.

Zephyr Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler

The Presrv Outdoor Beverage Cooler is ENERGY STAR® certified and is one of the coldest units on the market that ranges from 34- to 50-degrees Fahrenheit. PreciseTemp™ temperature control and Active Cooling Technology ensures even cooling throughout the unit, and a Vibration Dampening System mitigates the effects of movement around the cooler. The Presrv Outdoor Beverage Cooler has a durable exterior and is manufactured with 304-grade stainless steel – perfect for entertaining throughout the seasons. The beverage fridge also features a zero-clearance door hinge, which allows the cooler to integrate seamlessly within the outdoor kitchen island.  

The Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler can be built into the outdoor kitchen, or for freestanding installations, a set of 4 casters with wheel locks is available as an optional accessory. The beverage cooler comes with a professional-style handle and features white LED lighting. It has a reversible door and integrated lock for a clean, unobtrusive look.

According to a recent Houzz study, more than 60 percent of consumers have continued with their planned outdoor remodeling projects amidst the pandemic. “Outdoor kitchens and outdoor bars are more popular now than ever before, given the amount of time people are spending at home,” says Luke Siow, Zephyr President. “Our Presrv Outdoor Beverage Cooler was designed with all the essential features for outdoor entertaining: durable materials; an extra-large interior; and technology that ensures even cooling so ice cold beverages are always on-hand.”

To get an up close look at the Outdoor Beverage Cooler, check out our blog on our At Home with Zephyr product video. Sarah Wahl, Senior Director of Marketing at Zephyr, gives you a sneak peek of the new Presrv Outdoor Beverage Cooler at Zephyr Headquarters. She shares how the cooler has contributed to her own personal backyard oasis.