June 30, 2018

A Breath of Fresh Air

Did you know that without proper ventilation, indoor air quality can suffer and cause serious health problems – and the health consequences are as significant as those from traffic accidents and infectious diseases in the United States (Berkeley Science Lab)? Reducing exposure to indoor air pollutants from gas stoves should be a priority to homeowners, and Zephyr is committed to educating consumers and providing ventilation solutions with its design-driven wall, insert, under-cabinet, and island range hoods.

Many of Zephyr’s hoods include a CleanAir feature that turns the hood on speed 1 every four hours for 10 minutes to circulate the air. Regardless of the wall, insert, under-cabinet, or island range hood in your kitchen, it should be turned on 10-15 mins prior to cooking to create the airflow for proper ventilation and kept on 10-15 mins after cooking to ensure all of the smoke, grease, and cooking odors are removed. Another tip is to turn the kitchen ventilation hood on when dusting the kitchen or cleaning surfaces with cleaning products to ensure air is being cleaned.

More tips to improve your indoor air quality:

    1. Turn on your vent hood
    2. Open your window while cooking
    3. Spruce up your decor with houseplants
    4. Fix leaky plumbing to prevent moisture-loving mold
    5. Keep the pets groomed
    6. Clean with nontoxic chemicals