May 13, 2022

Luxe Gold List Luncheon

Luxury home design is an ever-evolving industry that demands nothing but the best from its architects, interior designers, home builders, and landscape architects. At the forefront of this industry is Luxe Interiors & Design, a leading publication that is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative and impressive luxury home designs from around the world. Each year, Luxe Interiors & Design releases an exclusive Gold List, featuring a select group of professionals whose work is recognized as the pinnacle of luxury home design.

The 2022 Gold List is a highly anticipated annual event, and Zephyr was honored to be a sponsor of the Luxe Gold List Luncheon at the San Francisco Design & Experience Center. The event was a true celebration of excellence in design, with 33 Gold List recipients in attendance to celebrate their national recognition. Luxe Gold List Luncheon was a fantastic opportunity for the design community to come together, network, and discuss the latest trends and innovations in luxury home design.

At Zephyr, we are passionate about supporting and promoting excellence in the design community. We believe that architects, interior designers, home builders, and landscape architects play an essential role in creating beautiful, functional, and innovative spaces that enhance people’s lives. We are committed to providing these professionals with the highest quality kitchen ventilation solutions that are both innovative and stylish.

Luxe Gold List Luncheon 2022, hosted by Zephyr