September 17, 2019

Zephyr Design & Experience Center

San Francisco Westside Design District Space Offers Inspiration and Education

For more than 22 years, Zephyr has transformed the kitchen through design, discovery, and care. The Zephyr Design & Experience Center, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Westside Design District, is a testament to the company’s commitment to its ever-evolving design and inspiration.

The 7,000 square foot space features a hands-on, immersive, and educational experience. Every ventilation hood and cooler in the Zephyr Core, Designer, Pro, and Presrv™ Collections is on display, which provides inspiration throughout the space and allows visitors to discover Zephyr.

The Zephyr Design & Experience Center was renovated to accommodate the growing collection of Presrv™ Wine & Beverage Coolers. Presrv™ was born from the Zephyr team’s passion for the unparalleled viticulture located just north of the company’s headquarters. Visitors can preview everything from the Full Size Wine Cooler that holds up to 152 bottles, to 15-inch models, Black Stainless Steel units, and more.

“More often than not, designers, architects, and consumers walk into our Design & Experience Center and are blown away by the options,” says Sarah Wahl, Director of Marketing. “Our goal is to not only showcase all of the innovative designs, but also educate on the technology and why ventilation and wine preservation are so important.”

Zephyr has curated a collection of high-end kitchen appliances featured in the Fulgor Milano Showcase Kitchen. Zephyr is the exclusive West Coast distributor for Fulgor Milano and the products featured throughout the Design & Experience Center are a perfect complement to the Zephyr line-up of kitchen appliances. Featuring a full line of Italian-designed professional cooking products, Fulgor Milano is designed for a community passionate about cooking.

“Part of the discovery process is introducing guests to Fulgor Milano, which has been a solid Italian brand for the past 70 years and is now gaining popularity in the US,” continues Wahl. “The Fulgor Milano Showcase Kitchen perfectly displays all of the beautifully crafted appliances, and serves as a functional space to host cooking demos and events.”

Zephyr has transformed the industry with design, discovery and care while playing an integral role in kitchen design trends. Zephyr continues its commitment to unexpected design with specialty kitchen appliances such as the recent introduction of Presrv™ Wine and Beverage Coolers. For more information on the Zephyr Design & Experience Center, visit or stop in and say hello: 2277 Alameda Street, San Francisco CA 94103.