October 10, 2019

Zephyr Designer Retreat 2019

We’re excited to kick off this year’s Zephyr Designer Retreat and welcome 12 new designers to San Francisco. Be sure to follow along this week @DiscoverZephyr, and check out all the retreat highlights at #ZephyrDesignerRetreat2019. If you’re on Instagram, we highly recommend you follow our designers!

Meet the 2019 Zephyr Designer Retreat Members

  1. Andrea West
  2. Anita Yokota
  3. Ashley Davidson
  4. Christina Samatas
  5. Erica Islas
  6. Erika Ward
  7. Kathleen Field
  8. Lindsey Walker
  9. Nile Johnson
  10. Niña Williams
  11. Renee DiSanto
  12. Susan Daggett