Technology & Innovation

Ever-Evolving Innovation

We believe the kitchen appliance category can always improve and we are always pushing the boundaries — of performance, technology, safety and service — to lead our industry forward. Our product team continues to innovate to develop cutting-edge features year after year.

Industry-Changing Technology


Zephyr PowerWave™ is designed to deliver best-in-class performance with unparalleled quiet operation, it is a breakthrough in kitchen technology. The first range hood blower with three-phase AC power, PowerWave™ has unique aerodynamic blades to help move up to 750 CFM of air while minimizing noise and improving efficiency. PowerWave™ is also versatile by allowing you to combine two blowers together to achieve 1,300 CFM, making it the most powerful dual-internal blower system on the market. It’s a leap forward in range hood performance that can only have been imagined by Zephyr.

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DCBL Suppression System® is the industry’s first range hood motor powered by brushless, direct current (DC) energy. An evolutionary step from the traditional AC powered range hood. Up to 77% more energy efficient with up to 77% less noise.

Features like, Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs, the industry’s first dimmable LED bulbs and an on-board computer that actively optimizes your range hood’s performance.

This technology package has been pioneered by Zephyr engineers, certified by UL testing authorities and reinforces Zephyr’s leadership in the range hood market. This powerful combination of technology delivers the MOST forcefully silent range hoods that are also the most energy efficient.

Airflow Control Technology, (ACT™)

We are proud to announce the industry’s first Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™); an exclusive feature built into specific Zephyr hoods which can limit the maximum blower CFM to 590, 390 or 290 to meet local code requirements.

Perimeter Aspiration

This technique moves airflow away from the central area and evenly distributes it through narrow openings around the perimeter of the hood. This ventilation method increases air velocity and improves the capture of cooking contaminates.

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Dual Capture Zones

Cooking contaminates are pulled in through two entry points to improve capture performance.

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Dual Filtration

Cooking contaminates are pulled in and filtered through two entry points to improve capture performance.

Featured as part of the Designer Collection: Incline wall