Ventilation Fundamentals

Proper Ventilation removes airborne particles that may adversely affect the health of you and your family and refreshes the air you breathe making living at home as comfortable as possible.

Using range and vent hoods, a properly ventilated kitchen increases indoor air-quality by removing leftover cooking contaminates before they mix into your cabinets, walls, drapery, clothes, and carpet.

Other Benefits of Proper Kitchen Ventilation:

Benefit: Reduces mold and bacteria build-up on countertops and cooking areas.

Benefit: Prevents cabinet damage by reducing condensation of acidic contaminants.

Benefit: Decreases mildew, peeling and discoloration of wall finishes due to moisture and contaminants.

Benefit: Removes excess cooking heat and household chemical vapors from the kitchen for example: oil, smell, cleaning detergents etc.