Zephyr Celebrates 20 Years of Redefining The Range Hood

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15th, 2017 — Founded by a family, San Francisco-based Zephyr has been at the forefront of kitchen design and technology since the beginning by reinventing the ventilation category and challenging the definition of a traditional range hood. With members of the family still involved today, Zephyr marks its 20th anniversary and looks back at influential moments that have shaped the company and contributed to elevating the hood to its rightful place in the kitchen.

In 1997 Zephyr recognized the unmet demand for more powerful, professional-grade hoods in the home and launched its Power Series, which catapulted the young company into the ventilation industry. The collection featured advancements such as quiet efficiency, self-cleaning, and filter-free technologies that were never before available.

Zephyr later forayed into designer products with the introduction of its Europa Collection, which targeted a market hungry for new, design-centric hoods. The Italian-style products were likened to pieces of art over the range with sculpted glass, sleek stainless steel, and multiple color options that complemented modern kitchens. Design has continued to be at the forefront of the business throughout the years with exclusive partnerships with design guru, Fu-Tung Cheng and industrial designer, Robert Brunner. Through these partnerships, Zephyr has introduced signature collections that bring sleek, timeless and artistic design to the masses.

“At Zephyr, we strive to transform the kitchen through design, discovery, and care,” says Luke Siow, Zephyr President. “Through our products, design partnerships, and innovative technology we hope to elevate the kitchen as a center for self-expression, family, and well-being.

With its commitment to ever-evolving innovation and advancing ventilation technology, Zephyr launched its DCBL Suppression System®, the industry’s first range hood motor powered by direct current (DC) versus traditional AC powered hoods. This was an evolutionary step that delivered the most silent, energy efficient, and powerful range hoods available.

Today, Zephyr launches its new Black Stainless Steel hoods with titanium coating that give homeowners and designers an alternative to standard stainless steel. Zephyr’s Black Stainless hoods are bold, powerful, and made with an aerospace-grade level of protection that ensures each hood will stand up to the harshest cooking conditions.

“Consumers believe that elevated design should be central in the kitchen, and are uncompromising when it comes to performance and quality,” says Siow. “We strive to offer value at any price point, high-quality products that live up to their promises, and the best in customer service.”

Every Zephyr model is on display for consumers and trade to preview first hand in its 7,000 square foot showroom. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Design District, the space is North America’s largest ventilation-only showroom and features designs by Fu-Tung Cheng and a live working kitchen.

Looking toward the future, Zephyr is committed to pushing the envelope with new range hood innovation and connecting the kitchen with new products that are sure to shake up the industry.



1997 – Zephyr is founded and introduces three models in its Power Series

2001 – Zephyr launches Italian-style Europa Collection, design-centric chimney hoods

2004 – Zephyr partners with design guru, Fu-Tung Cheng, and launches industry first signature collection of hoods, Cheng Collection by Zephyr

2006 – Zephyr opens 7,000 square foot Showroom located in the heart of the San Francisco Design District

2008 – Zephyr partners with industrial designer and founder of Ammunition Design Group, Robert Brunner; introduces Arc Collection

2011 – Zephyr introduces DCBL Suppression System® that increases power and reduces energy and noise by almost 77%

2013 – Zephyr launches Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT) that maximizes CFM efficiency

2017 – Zephyr launches industry first Black Stainless Steel hoods with titanium coating and expands direct-to-dealer distribution by offering premium Italian cooking products.


About Zephyr

Since 1997, San Francisco-based Zephyr has continued to bring design, innovation and technology to the forefront of the kitchen ventilation hood industry. The company has challenged the perception of what ventilation means in kitchen design and created a new awareness of the importance of a high performing ventilation system. With acclaimed talent such as artistic visionary, Fu-Tung Cheng, and industrial designer, Robert Brunner, Zephyr is able to create cutting-edge residential range hoods unlike any other company. In addition, Zephyr has pioneered ventilation hood technology with the industry’s first DCBL Suppression System®; an exclusive innovation that delivers the most silent, energy efficient and performance-driven range hoods available today. As a direct result of its commitment to elevating range hood design and technology, Zephyr is the recipient of several prestigious awards including Consumer Report Buy Rating, Consumer Digest Best Buy Rating, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design, ADEX (Awards for Design Excellence), Appliance Design ‘Excellence In Design’, Spark Award and the Architectural Products ‘Product Innovation Award.’ To learn more, visit www.zephyronline.com.