July 26, 2022

Control the Discreetly Mounted Lux Connect Island With the Zephyr Connect App

The connected kitchen continues to change the way consumers cook, entertain, and interact with their appliances.  Zephyr, the company that leads the industry in smart design and clean air, has transformed the range hood with Zephyr Connect – an app that lets users remotely control the hood from a smartphone. Today, Zephyr introduces Lux Connect Island, a minimalist kitchen range hood with the groundbreaking new app technology and an integrated design that discreetly mounts into the ceiling above the cooktop. Lux Connect won’t block sightlines in the kitchen, nor does it compromise on power or performance. The Zephyr Lux Connect Island discreetly and seamlessly mounts into your ceiling and can be controlled from anywhere using the Zephyr Connect app.

Lux Connect seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices for voice activation to control the hood functions. The app provides notifications when it’s time to clean/replace the filters and alerts users if the range hood has been left on for more than three hours. It includes quick access to warranty information, how-to videos, and intuitive support with high-level product diagnostics for easy access to Zephyr Product Support. A convenient delay-off feature is controlled via the app, which will automatically keep the hood running for up to 10 minutes after cooking to remove excess smoke and unwanted odors.

In a category of its own, Lux Connect is equipped with Perimeter Aspiration, a technique that moves airflow away from the central area of the hood and evenly distributes it through narrow openings around the perimeter. This ventilation method increases air velocity and improves the capture of cooking contaminates. Perimeter Aspiration ensures the hood will keep the kitchen free of smoke and debris and can handle the most powerful cooking jobs.

 “Lux Connect Island attracts a market segment that gravitates toward an open kitchen layout and those that entertain often around built-in islands, yet do not want a traditional island hood,” says Luke Siow, Zephyr President. “And its compatibility with Zephyr Connect elevates the hood’s technology with an easy-to-use interface, smart speaker integration, and features that contribute to overall peace of mind in the kitchen.”

Lux Connect includes a CleanAir Function that turns the hood on once every four hours for 10 minutes on speed one. This allows the hood to continuously recirculate the air throughout the day to ensure the kitchen air is clean and fresh. Lux Connect is available in white or stainless steel in 43- and 63-inches.

For more product information and documentation, explore our Lux Connect Island product page. To see more Zephyr range hoods that feature our Perimeter Aspiration System (PAS), scroll through our range hoods. Click here to learn more about Zephyr Connect and Zephyr Connect compatible range hoods.