June 23, 2022

Zephyr Launches Presrv™ Pro Wine & Beverage Cooler Collection

Professional Style Meets Modern Luxury

Presrv™ Pro Wine & Beverage Coolers are designed with a wider frame, pro-style handle, and integrated lock. The new Presrv™ Pro Wine & Beverage Coolers are a perfect complement to professional kitchen appliances.


Presrv™ professional coolers are strong, durable, stylish, and designed with all the features that set this collection above the competition. PreciseTemp™ temperature control maintains accurate temperature, Active Cooling Technology ensures even cooling throughout the unit, and a Vibration Dampening System minimizes wine disturbance. The cooler’s 3-Color LED Lighting in Cloud White, Deep Blue and Amber set the mood for the perfect display. Presrv Pro models feature a new wide frame door design with beveled edges and a professional-style handle with integrated lock. Both coolers are designed with dual-pane, Low-e, Argon-filled glass, which improves insulation, minimizes heat exchange, and reduces the amount of UV and infrared light that passes through the door. The Presrv™ Pro Wine & Beverage Coolers feature electronic capacitive touch controls and have a zero-clearance door hinge that contributes to its seamless aesthetic.

The Presrv Pro Single Zone Beverage Cooler holds up to 7 wine bottles and 112 12oz cans. A retractable quarter-shelf is ideal for taller bottles, and a Full-Extension Black Wood Rack is perfect for chilling white wine. The Presrv™ Pro Beverage Cooler is ENERGY STAR® Certified and the coldest on the market with a temperature range that dips down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Presrv Pro Dual Zone Wine Cooler is designed with 5 full-extension black wood racks that store up to 45 bottles, which includes a designated 7-bottle capacity rack for pinot noir, chardonnay, and champagne. With its two distinct temperature zones (40° – 65° F for each zone), wine lovers will always have perfectly stored and chilled white and red wines.

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