The Life of the Party: Industry-First Hybrid Presrv ™ Kegerator & Beverage Cooler by Zephyr

SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2023 — Zephyr, the company that has transformed the kitchen with design, discovery and customer care, expands its collection of Wine & Beverage Coolers with the introduction of the Presrv™ Kegerator & Beverage Cooler. This versatile, industry-first hybrid Kegerator & Beverage Cooler features five distinct configurations with single, double, and triple tap options and easily converts to a Beverage Cooler when a keg is not installed.

You’ve Got Options: Versatile, Five-Configuration System

For the host who knows the on-tap beverage that always hits with guests, the Kegerator supports one half barrel keg with a single tap, two sixth barrel kegs with a double tap, and up to three sixth barrel kegs with a triple tap.

What sets this cooler above the rest is the ability to convert the unit into a beverage cooler with adjustable glass shelves. While in the hybrid configuration, the Kegerator & Beverage Cooler can accommodate one sixth or one slim quarter barrel keg with a single tap and two adjustable glass shelves that stores up to 53 cans of alternative beverages such as hard seltzers, soda, and sparkling water — all from the at-home bar.

Kegerator options are hardly the last call on this hybrid party pleaser. The unit transforms into a Single Zone Beverage Cooler — sans tap or keg — with four glass shelves to chill up to 107 cans of soda, seltzers, water, or juice. “What truly makes the Kegerator & Beverage Cooler unique is its versatility,” says Luke Siow, Zephyr President. “You can customize the unit to meet your needs — whether hosting a big party, game night with friends, or just simply having all of the family’s favorite beverages available. And the Kegerator & Beverage Cooler features our signature, superior craftsmanship, combining high-quality performance with attainable luxury.”

Elevated Indoor & Outdoor Entertaining

The sleek, 24-inch stainless steel unit is available in two options: an indoor model with a glass display window and an outdoor/indoor model with a full stainless-steel exterior. The Presrv Kegerator & Beverage Cooler can function as a freestanding unit or be installed under a countertop; both units include an integrated door lock. Zephyr delivers another industry-first with its patent-pending, built-in installation kit, simplifying under-counter installation.

Single, double, and triple tap kits are sold separately and include the tap tower, tap(s), CO2 tank, regulator(s) and D-style keg coupler(s). Optional accessories include a drink guardrail, casters, beverage cooler conversion kit, and a beer line cleaning kit. Additional features include: Three-color LED lighting settings (cloud white, deep blue, and amber), an easy-to-clean stainless steel drip tray, and electronic capacitive touch controls.

Bottom Line: How’s the Beer?

The Presrv Kegerator features PreciseTemp™ with multiple internal sensors to maintain accurate temperatures, which offer a range from a crisp 32 degrees — one of the coldest units on the market — to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The indoor model includes a display window with three-layer, Low-e Argon-filled glass door further maintains optimal chill, while Active Cooling Technology offers even cooling via on-board computer-controlled fans. The unit also features a Beer Line Cooling system, which blows cool air onto the beer line for a lasting chill and foam-reduced finish to bring out the fresh taste and distinct flavors.

All the guest-enticing fun, crisp cold beer, and quality craftsmanship to satisfy modern hosts and partygoers alike, the Presrv Kegerator & Beverage Cooler by Zephyr is the ultimate upgrade for the indoor or outdoor bar. For more information, visit

About Zephyr

For more than 25 years, Zephyr has transformed the kitchen with design, discovery and customer care, and played an integral role in kitchen trends. The company has challenged the perception of what ventilation means in kitchen design and created a new awareness of the importance of a high performing ventilation system. Zephyr continues its commitment to unexpected design with Presrv™ — its collection of Wine & Beverage Coolers that feature the most sought-after technological elements with eye-catching aesthetics and incomparable value.