Kegerator & Beverage Cooler

Be ready to serve up your best parties yet, with a kegerator and beverage cooler that is versatile enough for even the most creative of hosts. This sleek, stainless steel, hybrid kegerator can accommodate multiple keg configurations — and easily converts to a beverage cooler with a glass display window when a keg is not installed. Purchase one of our single, double, or triple tap kits (sold separately) to complete your dream configuration. Featuring a pro handle, kickplate with lock, optional casters, and guardrail, plus mood-enhancing, 3-Color LED lighting.

  • Capacity: Single Tap | (1) sixth barrel keg or (1) slim quarter barrel keg + 53 cans
  • Capacity: Single Tap | (1) half barrel keg
  • Capacity: Double Tap | (2) sixth barrel kegs or (2) slim quarter barrel kegs
  • Capacity: Triple Tap | (3) sixth barrel kegs
  • Capacity: No Tap | 107 12oz cans
  • Multiple Keg Configurations
  • Temperature Range: 32° – 65° F
  • Beer Line Cooling System
  • Built-In Installation Kit
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Adjustable Glass Shelves (2)
  • Zero-Clearance Door Hinges
  • Door Lock
  • Door Open Alarm
  • Pro Handle
  • 3-Layer, Low-e Argon-Filled Glass
  • 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Electronic Capacitive Touch Controls
  • 3-Color LED Lighting in Cloud White, Deep Blue and Amber
  • Carbon Filter Air Filtration
  • Sabbath Mode
  • PreciseTemp™
  • Active Cooling Technology
  • PRKB24C01AG
    24" Kegerator & Beverage Cooler
    Kegerator & Beverage Cooler model PRKB24C01AG
    SS + Glass
    Field-Reversible Door
    Built-In, Compact, Freestanding
    6 cu/ft
    42 dBA
    Includes Drip Tray
  • Single Tap Kit
    Includes stainless steel tower, 1 tap, beer line, gas line, regulator, CO2 tank, and D-style keg coupler
  • Double Tap Kit
    Includes stainless steel tower, 2 taps, 2 beer lines, 2 gas lines, regulator, CO2 tank, and 2 D-style keg couplers
  • Triple Tap Kit
    Includes stainless steel tower, 3 taps, 3 beer lines, 3 gas lines, regulator, CO2 tank, and 3 D-style keg couplers
  • Nitrogen Conversion Kit
    Includes single stout faucet with handle and nitrogen regulator. Nitrogen tank and nitrogen coupler not included
    PRKNCK-001 Zephyr Presrv® Kegerator & Beverage Cooler Nitrogen Tap Kit
  • Solid Panel Ready Door Kit
    Includes solid panel ready door, black kickplate, black hinges, and assorted screws
    PRPNLC24AKIT Solid Panel Ready Door Kit for Zephyr Presrv® Kegerator & Beverage Coolers and Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler
  • Beverage Cooler Conversion Kit
    Set of 2 shelves
    PRKSHLF-02BG Presrv™ kegerator beverage conversion kit
  • Beer Line Cleaning Kit
    Includes 4 cleaning solution packets
    PRKCLN Presrv™ Kegerator beer line cleaning kit
  • 24" Stainless Steel Drink Guardrail
    PRKRAIL-0124SS Guardrail
  • Zephyr Chalkboard Tap Handle in Walnut
    PRKHAN-001 Zephyr Presrv® Kegerator & Beverage Cooler Chalkboard Handle
  • Contemporary Handle in Stainless Steel
    1 Handle Per Kit
    Zephyr Presrv™ Outdoor Single Zone Beverage Cooler Contemporary Handle
  • Contemporary Handle in Brushed Gold
    1 Handle Per Kit
    PRHAN-C102 Contemporary Door Handle in Brushed Gold for Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler
  • Contemporary Handle in Matte Black
    1 Handle Per Kit
    PRHAN-C104 Contemporary Door Handle in Matte Black for Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler
  • Pro Handle in Brushed Gold
    1 Handle Per Kit
    PRHAN-C003 Zephyr Presrv® Pro-Style Door Handle in Brushed Gold
  • Pro Handle in Matte Black
    1 Handle Per Kit
    PRHAN-C004 Zephyr Presrv® Pro-Style Door Handle in Matte Black
  • Casters
    Set of 4
    PRCAST-C001 Set of 4 Casters for Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler
  • Carbon Filter